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Job and Placement Consultancy

By Phoenix Consultancy

An arrangement consultancy or an enlistment office goes about as a systems administration interface between the enrolling organizations in different areas and the work searchers.

  6-10-2021 / 12:43:23

How to Introduce Yourself in an interview?

By Phoenix Consultancy

The very important and foremost question asked in every interview is “Tell me about yourself” or “Introduce yourself”.

  4-10-2021 / 11:58:10

Certificate In Human Resource Management

By Phoenix Consultancy

Human asset the executives (HRM or HR) is the essential way to deal with the viable and proficient administration of individuals in an organization or association to such an extent that they help their business acquire an upper hand. It is intended to expand representative execution in assistance of a business' essential targets.

  29-9-2021 / 12:29:25

Certificate In Marketing Management

By Phoenix Consultancy

This is a particular Management program in Marketing with exceptional spotlight on promoting as the center business work. It envelops the essential standards of promoting the board.

  29-9-2021 / 11:56:15

Certificate In Business Management

By Phoenix Consultancy

The essential assets available to the supervisor are land, work, capital (structures, apparatus, hardware, domesticated animals, money, credit) and the board.

  24-9-2021 / 16:21:13

Marketing Services

By Phoenix Consultancy

Promoting is the most common way of convincing likely customers to purchase the association's item or administration. Advertising administrations are the strategies utilized in the general showcasing plan of creation, valuing, advancement and circulation.

  23-9-2021 / 14:1:52

Business Services

By Phoenix Consultancy

Business administrations are an unmistakable subset of financial administrations, and offer their qualities. The fundamental distinction is that organizations are worried about the structure of administration frameworks to convey worth to their clients and to act in the jobs of specialist co-op and administration buyer.

  21-9-2021 / 0:5:10

Human Resource Services

By Phoenix Consultancy

HR is the arrangement of individuals who make up the labor force of an association, business area, industry, or economy. A smaller idea is human resources, the information and abilities which the people order. Comparable terms incorporate labor, work, faculty, partners or basically: individuals.

  20-9-2021 / 17:7:47